Friday, July 17, 2020

Laura Loves NY interview with Deb Snyder

You've probably seen Deb all over TV. She was recently in "Big Little Lies" and on the Christmas commercial for Bombas socks. She's also got a commercial for McDonald's coming up.

I met Deb in Bonnie Gillespie's masterclass, and we immediately clicked. She's been incredibly supportive of my webseries, Laura Loves NY, and I'd always say, "If you ever get to NY, I'd love to interview you!"

When the coronavirus hit, and we all were quarantined, I started to think, "Why not interview Deb now?" Her history with NY is rich with adventures in theatre and film, and I wanted to share her insights. So I called her up and said, "What do you think of doing a Zoom interview?" And like the true improv performer she is, Deb was all in!

We spent 90 minutes talking about theatre and film and TV and LIFE, and I wish I could share every minute of it with you, but in trying to be considerate of time, I edited down our interview to 20 minutes. There's so much great advice for actors, which I might share at another time, but the big lessons I learned from her bookings is that improv seemed to help every time! She also really knows the craft and has her masters degree in acting.

Watching her work in Ang Lee's film, "Pushing Hands," her starring role as the disgruntled wife and daughter-in-law could not have been easy, and in less sensitive hands, that character would've been reviled.

I love how Deb brings so many colors and layers to even her guest star roles. Her story of working on "Big Little Lies" is such a treat and a huge lesson in how to be flexible and play on set while rolling with the punches that come with editing.

"It's a journey, baby," she says. Hope you enjoy it!

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