Tuesday, March 03, 2020

A Musical Work in Progress

Working on the development of a new musical is a fascinating process. I've been working with 16th Note Productions for a few years. I played a cat lady from Minnesota for "Pageant Princess" which we performed Off Broadway...

... and I've done readings and recordings for the role of Dr. Carol, a deeply caring therapist working through her own trauma while trying to help several lost souls in "Pieces." 

Their latest project is #Starcrossed, a musical in the world of Romeo and Juliet "which sings the love song of Tybalt and Mercutio." I play Lady Capulet, whom could out-maneuver Lady MacBeth on the ambition spectrum. 

We did a reading for producers on Sunday, all of us gathered around a table at The Actors Fund, reading and singing from the script. It made me think of what it must've been like for Anais Mitchell as she worked on Hadestown in Vermont in 2006. Great musicals start small even when the vision is big, and it takes time to grow a project, to write more, make edits, explore, explore, explore! As an actor-singer, it's such an honor to be in the midst of such good growth.

I have to thank the writers, composers and stars, Kristen Penner and Lorelei Mackenzie for giving me such amazing characters to play.

I never knew I had such a villain as Lady C in me, but last Sunday I found the peaks and valleys of her rage, her lust for power, her blind ambition and mad drive. I now know why villains laugh. It's too delicious!