Friday, July 14, 2006

Neat Bleep:

Yes, I'm a "what the Bleep" fan. LOVE that movie and what it does for the consciousness and creative and subconsciousness!

Anyway, the recent article from "The Bleeping Herald" asked the question, "Can we be the change we want to see (in the world) without doing anything?" It's a big being/nothingness vs. doing kind of thing, and that trips me out because that has been on my mind this week.

And my answer is that we ARE the answer. Whether we are meditating, "being," existing, we DO, ACT, THINK and MOVE. We be and we do and we cannot help but be/do both. :)

I believe we are here to help each other, to be with each other, to interact with each other and progress together. Perhaps it's just the thought of the day, but I can't help but think of the people who have inspired me and who hopefully I have inspired as well to live and love and be as fully alive and aware as we all can be. :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Theater humanizes; all art humanizes. It takes us away from the merely logical and rational... and can reach people in a different and deeper place than reading a news article or listening to a speech: there is an emotional aspect that for some people can be more long-lasting and motivating. " - Cindy and Craig Corrie

I had the privilege of being able to audition today for "My Name is Rachel Corrie," a one woman show about a young American woman who went to Palestine to protest for peace and was horrifically killed by a bulldozer. If this doesn't put things into perspective, nothing will:

I hope everyone will read her emails, hear her voice. I did and realized that in researching this woman and her history for a play, I became INFORMED. I learned about the horrors going on in this world and a quest for peace that ended in tragedy. But the quest goes on... My world was broadened because of "finding" Rachel Corrie, and I am grateful for that.

"Many people want their voices to be heard, and I think we need to use some of our privilege as internationals to get those voices heard directly in the US, rather than through the filter of well-meaning internationals such as myself. I am just beginning to learn, from what I expect to be a very intense tutelage, about the ability of people to organize against all odds, and to resist against all odds." - Rachel Corrie

I can't believe I never saw the power of theatre to TEACH and educate the masses. It's an awesome discovery and it solidifies my desire to do quality work in my art.

And also... to find a way to send light and love into the darkest of places. There must be hope. Always.