Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Rainbow City

With the Supreme Court's decision to declare Marriage Equality in all 50 States - HOORAY! - the entire island of Manhattan has rainbows springing up everywhere! I feel like Dorothy: "We must be over the rainbow!" :)

 There are so many couples who are now going to be able to legally benefit from this ruling. As a friend of mine said, "FINALLY!"

 I've been thinking about lesbian characters I've played over the years, and how they'd celebrate this momentous occasion. Darlene in "Petunia's Coffee House" would definitely be partying!

Jeanine Deckers and her partner, Annie, would be singing in some spiritual sanctuary.

I played Jeanine, AKA the Singing Nun, in the NYMF show, "The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun" written by Blair Fell and composed by Andy Monroe. Jeanine leaves the convent to be with her long-time lover, Annie, but the two are beset by such challenges... they can't make it through (below with Tracey Gilbert as Annie). With governmental support, their story might have been very different.

There was also an amazing HBO film in 2000, "If These Walls Could Talk 2" about lesbian couples, and the most powerful story was embodied by Vanessa Redgrave and Marion Seldes who played a couple who had been together for decades. When the partner who owns the house dies, the other partner has no claim to the place or the things she's shared with her lover for 30 years, and she is asked to leave.

Marriage Equality will prevent that from happening.