Thursday, October 31, 2019

Making Moira

As one of my friends said, "Laura takes Halloween to a whole different level."

What can I say? I like to make a statement.

Last year I was RBG, and this year, I decided to be Moira Rose from Schitts Creek.

I have long admired Catherine O'Hara's work from the days of Beetlejuice to A Mighty Wind. When Schitts Creek came out, I watched it for her, and then I fell in love with the whole cast.

So this year, in honor of the woman who lost her wealth but has found so much more in Schitts Creek... I present... Moira Rose.

To turn myself into this fabulous icon, I had to find the right outfit. Moira is a fashionista and I wanted to do her right! I found that most of her clothes are black and white, which is a statement unto itself and how she sees the world, but there are some episodes where she'll stray. Her feathery champagne gown for The Crowening premiere was such a departure for this stark fashion maven, and I love seeing how Dan Levy reveals this character through her clothes:

So I dove into my closet, looking at all my black and white accoutrements. After trying several options, the one that called to me was black leather pants, patent leather platform heels, a black and white tiger striped blouse, tons of jewelry,  black nails, a sequin jacket, and a feather hat to honor The Crowening.

I even brought some glasses for her day-wear look:

I discovered so many little details: like how she wears bracelets on TOP of her clothes:

She also never wears low-cut tops. Almost everything is close to her neck.

My friends insisted I wear a broach, but the only one I had belonged to my husband, which he wore at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as the Lord Governor Malice. I decided at the last minute that a splash of red would still work, and it's a nice way to honor my husband's character work as well. :)

My mom insisted on the red lips. OF COURSE! And the big thing that came with "becoming Moira" today was that I discovered this tenacious confidence of the character that comes from a combo of dressing boldly and simply putting yourself out there. Moira's humble beginnings have often been hinted at, but one of my favorite episodes is when she tells the director of The Crowening that the film can be much more than a paycheck. She puts her all into everything she does, and the results are wondrous!

Happy Halloween, dear hearts! Be brave, bold, and "Rock onwards and upwards!"