Monday, September 23, 2019

Make Some Noise

I've been working on songs for a concert tonight of the new musical, Starcrossed, and I've had some yummy epiphanies:

1) If you find yourself getting in your head about some challenging music, go back to basics and Make Some Noise!

My nieces just turned one, and they LOVE using their voices! Even though they don't have words yet, they really love to holler in joy. They could teach a rock n roller how to let loose with awesome high notes that go from a screech to a trill!

And it reminded me, just have FUN making sounds!

2) Take is slow.

I have a song that's very wordy and it sits on my break (where my voice changes from low to high registers), so it's a lot to tackle. My voice coach, Andrew Wheeler (below with his adorable French bulldog, Oscar), advised, "Slow the song down and feel the vibrato on each note."

Slowing things down gives you a chance to find the placement of the note in your voice and can help you learn a fast song much easier than speeding through it.

3) Savor the words.

Speak the song out like a monologue to gauge, "What am I trying to say?" That's also helpful in gauging your character want and how they're using the song to achieve that desire.

I've noticed how Patti LuPone savors each word, and that's always fun to explore!

I also realized that no matter how much we prepare, we're never as ready as we wish we were. That's why Bonnie Gillespie's anthem of "Launch at 85%" is so helpful. There's no "perfect moment" to perform. You have to go from where you are right now, using the tools you have, knowing you've practiced as much as you can.

Just go out there, have fun, and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Make some noise, babe!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Music Makers and Dreamers of Dreams

I've done a lot of recordings this year, and it's been very satisfying to get paid for singing songs! :)

I am so thankful to be working with my coach, Andrew Wheeler, who's helped me grow as a singer and performer.

Here's a little taste of a country-western-pop-rock musical I'm working on with Clare Cooper, whom I worked with on Jaws the Musical. This is from Black Crook: