Monday, October 03, 2016

Busy as a Bee!

I've always loved bees. When I was a kid I was fascinated by them! I'd sit in the clover of my backyard and watch them buzz about me.

As these sweet fuzzy insects make their way to the endangered species list, I feel very protective of them. Whenever I see them "in the wild," in the park or in friends' and family's gardens, I celebrate their flight from flower to flower.

So when I say I've been as busy as a bee, you know I have!

I had a blast playing Clarabelle, the crazy cat lady in Pageant Princess the Musical. We made it to semi-finals in the New York New Works Theatre Fest, and some producers seemed interested, which is encouraging.

I love this cast and crew! They are a pleasure to sing with! :)

I also attended a screening of the short film, Tick Tock, which I worked on in 2015.

The film was part of the New Filmmakers NY Festival at Anthology Film Archives, which is a GREAT space. It was thrilling to see our film on the big screen.

And I recorded some new songs with the super talented Charles Osborne.

It was fun to go back to PPI Recording Studios and lay down some tracks!

Now I'm off to the next flower! ;) Bzzzzzz!

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