Friday, June 20, 2008

The Essence of Family

This has been a funky week because my father-in-law, lovingly dubbed "Big Bob," went into the hospital on Father's Day. It turned out he has staph infection from a recent hip surgery, and it just sucks to know he is in distress, but he seems to be plugging along and the doctors believe he's going to be ok.

This life stuff happens every day and we must move through it. It shapes us, just like the people in our lives shape us. And I want to pay tribute to this mighty giant of a man whom I've known almost half my life. He's always been a big supporter of the arts and comes to the city every time I'm doing a show. It's not easy for him because he can't handle stairs or walking for too long, but he loves coming to the city to see all the different folks running about. Whether its going to Central Park to watch a local baseball game or catching a show on Broadway, he definitely gets a kick out of this town. He even drove Rob (his son, my sweetheart) and me by the big Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center this year, because it was the easiest way for him to see it.

Someone once said they admired my tenacity in show business, and I feel like I owe a lot of that to my family and friends like Big Bob who inspire me with their own tenacious spirits

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Tina Sams said...

I've never met Rob's dad, but all I have to know is that he's Rob's dad... that's enough.