Friday, June 13, 2008


I know, I already posted today, but I had to share this link with my fellow artists:

It's Bonnie Gillespie's Actors Access article, and if you're an actor and you haven't signed up on this free website, get on it! Bonnie's weekly column and Mark Sike's Casting Corner are just some of the bonuses on this website. But I digress...

Bonnie's article this week about "Power" made me absolutely want to roar with pride! "Be A Lion" indeed!

It just made me all the more aware of something I discovered this week about being proud of my work and my own uniqueness and not allowing myself to get head-tripped by what I think "they" want. It's about sharing our gifts as artists, doing work that satisfies us (and that includes auditions, kids!), standing up for ourselves, taking the time we need to do what we have to do for ourselves. Not getting hung up on the desperation of trying to get a gig. Getting OUT of that feeling altogether and taking joy in my work, knowing I'm doing my best daily, and that I am enough! :)

Have an awesome weekend!

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