Monday, June 30, 2008

Eddie Izzard

In the midst of rehearsing a new musical and pouring over scripts for auditions this week, I had the immense pleasure of seeing Eddie Izzard perform at Radio City Music Hall last night. It was a treat that my sweetheart and I had planned with some friends a few months ago and I was so glad not to miss it.

Eddie was INCREDIBLE! For those of you who don't know this very funny British comedian, he is what Mel Brooks would call "a stand-up philosopher." I can't recall how I discovered him but if I could plant a flag on him and shout, "I've discovered Eddie Izzard," I would! I have a feeling many of his fans feel the same way. :)

This was my first time seeing Eddie perform live. I'd seen some of his taped performances like "Dress to Kill" and "Glorious," and was immediately charmed by this witty, brilliantly funny and intelligent transvestite comic. Yes, I said transvestite. And what a role model for transvestites! Seriously! Funny, sexy, smart and successful? Why, YES!

For this show, "Stripped," Eddie wasn't in a glittering gown and platform heels, but he was still marvelously stylin' in jeans and a black tailcoat with hot pink lining. Love it! And I almost feel like "Stripped" was him sans the trans-attire, very bare and just casually cool. The audience would've loved him no matter what he was wearing.

My crew and I were in the front mezzanine which was pretty far back, but we had a great view, and my friend Michael and I reminisced about the Tonys which had just been in the Hall 2 weeks ago. We felt we could still feel that Tony vibe.

Deanna Dunagan wasn't kidding when she said how huge Radio City Music Hall is! But you know, Eddie Izzard filled that space completely! His presence reached out to the back balcony and everyone felt included. That was such a great thing to see because it's an essential you need as a performer. That's why people go to live performances and that's why we actors love doing theatre. Its that visceral connection between the audience and the entertainer that is so magical.

If you want to try to catch Eddie, his Stripped tour is still kicking around the country. Don't miss this brilliant comic!

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