Friday, June 13, 2008

In a New York Minute

I love New York! Even in the summer when the city can smell like an old shoe on trash day, there still is something so remarkable about this Big Apple I call home. I've been here since I was out of high school and I still find myself charmed by this tantalizing town.

Yesterday I saw this little girl in a sparkly white gown walking with her mom. My guess was that she was going to an elementary graduation or wedding or who knows what? But she looked like a princess, and I thought, "How cool! There is magic every where!" It's all perspective.

Because I'm usually always in motion, going from auditions to my supplemental job to meetings with friends and classes and the like, the place I get to really enjoy my reading is on the subway. I've been reading Noel Coward's Private Lives which is full of sophisticated humor and old-fashioned things like "tub chairs." And I get such a kick out of reading about these wildly wicked but "classy" people running around Europe while I'm traveling on the dark tunnels of Manhattan. It's just.... ironic. But I love it!

And how awesome is the subway? Watch any tourist get on the train and they're liable to fall down. But people reach for each other to keep each other from falling. And that is very cool.

I've been taking some risks in my auditions this week, just trying new material and singing music that delights me, and I've noticed a definite positive vibe because of it. It's nice to get those encouraging nods and wow-words. Making good strides.

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