Thursday, March 27, 2008

In the works

I had two auditions the past two days that just had that magic feel to them, and regardless of what happens, I wanted to blog about them, because there's something special about these two shows.

The first is the new musical Angels, slated to hit Broadway this year, and the show looks and sounds INCREDIBLE. Download the video preview to get a glimpse of the angels and demons in flight. So cool!

The entire creative team was at this audition, which was an astounding experience! At an Equity Principal (AEA) call, usually just the casting director is there, but Angels had the producer, director, composer, music director, music superviser, associate producer and assistant directors there, and they were a lovely bunch! It was such a pleasure to get to sing my song for them, to share in that connection that music provides.

Before going into the audition, I'd read about the 2 students from Sydney who wrote this "little show that could." And since I had also performed in the 2006 New York Musical Theatre Festival with The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun, where Angels got its NY start, I couldn't help but feel an affinity for this beautiful show. I wish them great success!

Then today I went into the chorus call for the new musical of Little House on the Prairie, a story I grew up and always loved as a girl, and I just had a blast, doing my thing, singing what I needed to sing today.

Glenn Close once said that "you bring your day with you (onto the stage)," which I believe is from Harold Guskin's guidance on How to Stop Acting, and I feel like I've been doing that lately. Going from where I am, bringing what I have to the table, trying to stay out of my way, and letting the energy flow. It doesn't always happen. As actors our heads often get in the way and we get overly-critical of ourselves or feel we have to put on some sort of air. But I am learning I am enough. And when I let go and go with the flow.... it is a blast! :)

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