Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Showers

I LOVE this time of year! Everything's in bloom and daffodils seem to have popped up in Manhattan overnight! They're everywhere! Near the Laura Pels Theatre on the way to the Actors' Equity building... planted near trees on the sidewalks... and of course, they're flourishing in the parks throughout the city. I'm in heaven! Love these cheery little flowers!

I feel like I'm in bloom too! :) I've been receiving really wonderful responses from people at my auditions. One production team visibly relaxed and opened up to the ride I was inviting them on, and at the end of the song, everyone was quiet but intensely involved...holding onto that last moment of my song. And the director finally broke the silence, saying, "What IS this moment in theatre called?" And I said (after a beat), "...a lovely moment?" And he said, "YES! A truly lovely moment!"

So I feel greatly encouraged.

I also got a call to come audition for the next presentation of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I had participated in the reading of the new script in February, where the script was performed by actors while the songs were sung separately by contracted singers. At this next stage of the building-a-show process, they will now need actors who can sing for the producers. And I am so thrilled to be brought in for this next step, to be recognized as an actress and a singer. :)

I've also been reading a bunch of plays and listening to all sorts of musicals, just opening myself to new stuff, and I am in love! Theresa Rebeck and Douglas Carter Beane have absolutely charmed the pants off me with their incredible plays! A few years ago, I'd read Mr. Beane's Country Club and As Bees in Honey Drown, but I just finished The Little Dog Laughed and was absolutely blown away by the characters, comedy, tone, and passionate pathos behind all of it. Likewise with Ms. Rebeck's Mauritius, it was an absolute headtrip of great characters and rich drama. Mmm! A feast for any artist!

So I am certainly enjoying this Spring, even though its raining today. April showers tend to make the city cleaner and fresher, and certainly make the flowers bloom.

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