Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Good Company

It has been such a glorious Spring! I just absolutely marvel at this time of year.

Coming from the dry desert town of Hemet, CA, where we actually have "tumbleweed season" in the Winter with tumbleweeds almost as big as cars (see the pic I took on my visit last winter for proof), the seasonal changes on the East Coast have always been a source of inspirational delight to me.

So last week I brought out my camera to snap some shots of the gorgeous blooms springing up all over Manhattan.

Last week I also took part in the reading of the new play, Sin, based on Isaac Bashevis Singer's short story, adapted by Mark Altman, and it was one of the most amazing readings I've ever done. Some readings consist of actors with their scripts, sitting at a table, or with scripts in hand, just reading out loud for the audience. This is done for many reasons, one of which is that it gives the playwright a chance to hear the script performed for a live audience and to see how the material is received. Well, this reading for Sin was very well received.

It took place at the 78th Street Lab Theatre, which is such a neat place! You definitely have to be cool with climbing stairs because the mainstage is 2 flights up, but once you get into the theatre, the whole place just exudes creativity. Bare brick walls enclosed us, and with the theme of this play being all about people being torn apart by sin and the hell that follows, it was very fitting.

Surprisingly, the play had a great balance of humor and pathos, and our director Robert Z. Kalfin kept us on our feet for the reading, creating a natural sense of movement for these characters that was very engaging for all of us as well as the audience.

The cast was FANTASTIC, led by the lovely Lee Beltzer, the radiant Marilyn Chris, our delicious devil Ronald Guttman, the hilarious Larry Hankin, my Hell's Belles buddy Deborah Radloff, and me. Casting director Irene Stockton brought us all together, and it was such a privilege to work with these amazing people! Just... WOW!

And next week I'm jumping into rehearsals for the next phase of production of the revised script for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with the Peccadillo Theatre Company, another incredible company of players, so the wow-factor continues. It is such a blessing to be growing and blooming with such amazing artists. AND I get to run around through the blooms of Manhattan as I make my way to and from the theatre. So cool!

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Tina Sams said...

gorgeous pictures of the city, Laura. The tumbleweed shot blows me away!