Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Play on!

So much good stuff happening!

My original short story, Fairy Parade, compiled in the book The Fairy Home Companion, an Essential Herbal publication, has been reprinted for the 3rd year. Woo! I love being able to cultivate my writing with other fabulous writers via this amazing compilation.

I've also in the midst of writing a 2 person show with my Hell's Belles partner in crime, Deborah Radloff, so that's been cooking in my head.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of singing for director Dan Wackerman and his crew at the Theatre at St. Clement's. I was called in to sing for the next phase of production for the new script of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and it was such a delight to be at St. Clement's again. It was like coming home in a way, because I had played the Singing Nun in the same theatre and it was so nice to be in the space again.

I'm also bouncing into classes! Tonight I'm taking a Dreamweaver class because in this day and age of do-it-yourself-ism, I LOVE learning how to expand my horizons via the web. Speaking of which, I finally had a chance to edit my song clips, so you'll find shorter versions of most of my vocal work, specifically the Janis Joplin piece, "Sex Drugs Booze and Rock n Roll." :)

And next week I'm taking a film class with renowned casting director Ellen Parks. I'm really excited to meet her because I LOVE her style of casting and I particularly enjoy the films she has worked on. So.... stay tuned! :)

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