Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wonderfully busy!

Just had to celebrate! Every day has been filled with something artistic this week, with me making strides in my craft. And best of all, I'm getting paid for my work, which is such a milestone! Truly, any actor will tell you that to get paid for your acting is an absolute achievement - especially in NY where there is so much theatre and so many actors that most have to start out doing work for free. Since I'm part of the union, I've been compensated for showcases with travel fare, etc, but since last summer, I've been getting nice paychecks for all of my acting work and that just feels so good!

Monday I played Hildy in the reading for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and the music is still swimming about in my head! So beautiful! Tuesday I was called in for the new play, A Cable to Gibraltar. The casting director had seen me in Hell's Belles and was very sweet, saying she was glad to see more of what else I could do, regarding my work for Gibraltar. Two very different shows since Hell's Belles is a musical romp and Gibraltar is a British/French farce. Both very fun! On Wednesday, I had an audition for The Big Show and got a callback. Woo! Wednesday I also went into the recording studio to lay down tracks for a CD for Hell's Belles. It was a blast getting to play Janis Joplin, Judy Garland, and my lovely little Lady Godiva once again. Thursday was the callback for The Big Show, and though that just wasn't a fit (I have a huge voice but not the large physique they were looking for), it was still nice to get the callback. Then Friday was a chance to relax and get ready for my next postcard mailing, because I haven't had time til now to do it! And when I got home, another bit of my work showed up in the new issue of The Essential Herbal. My friend, Tina, who runs the magazine, has been encouraging me to write articles for it, to give an urban view of the herb world, and as I've always loved to write and I love what the magazine stands for, that has been a very satisfying experience. To do quality work in my craft and to work with such wonderful people... what a blessing!

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