Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey Buds!

I have this song in my head from On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, sung by the character Daisy, as she encourages the flowers to bloom:

"Hey buds below ...
up is where to grow...
Up with which below can't compare with.... Hurry! It's lovely up here!"
(lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, music by Burton Lane)

There is something so thrilling about this time of year. Yes, it seems like Winter is still trying to chill us all here in New York, but as my sweetheart and I walked about the city this weekend, I was delighted to see almost all of the trees dotted with these little green leaf-buds. And I felt this kinship those little leaf-lings, for we are all growing each day, stretching, reaching out to the blue sky and turning towards the sun. It's exhilirating!

I'm working on a bunch of new music for a cabaret with my partner in crime from Hell's Belles, Deb Radloff. And the incredible Robby Stamper, my music director from The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun, is guiding us through tunes. Man, he is amazing! And so is Deb! It's a pleasure working with them both.

I'm also reading new plays, gearing up for auditions and classes in the next few days/months. I'm particularly excited to be diving into my artistry, getting a boost that comes with this rush of Spring, this energy to take to new and old tasks with unbridled joy.

"Wake up, bestir yourself,
It's time that you disinter yourself
You've got a spot to fill - a pot to fill
And what a gift package of shower, sun and love
You'll be met above everywhere with...
Come up and see the hoot we're giving!
Come up and see the grounds for living!
Come poke your head out!
Open up and spread out!
Hurry it's lovely here!"
(Alan Jay Lerner)

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