Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday and Finding Freedom

I know I've been blog-happy this week. It's just been a wild and wooly ride, but as my sweetheart and all of my friends and family have been saying, "It's about the ride and enjoying it."

Ok, I hear ya loud and clear. :) And usually I'm right on track with that, but every once and a while we stumble and fall and get in our own way.

Then I saw this article by Bonnie Gillespie and it all just clicked: The Power of "Eh."

Letting go and going with the flow, finding ways to free myself up and let my art/song out... enjoying the ride.

I had two auditions today and almost all the actors who went in before me were screaming their lungs out. It was bizarre, and I thought, "The casting people must be deaf after a day of this." But there were some absolute standouts and people who inspired me as well, and I realized the "screamers" were just desperate to be heard.

One of my coaches, VP Boyle, is a master at helping an artist remember and find dynamics, and I LOVE doing that in my songs. And hey! I got to audition for a Broadway show today. How many people can say that?

I LOVE that I get to do that, that I get to put myself out there and learn from the whole process and connect with people in such a fascinating way. And then getting to share it all with my friends and family and my honeypie, delighting in that home base and enjoying their stories and adventures just as much I enjoy getting to share mine.

"Energy is currency. How do you wish to spend it?"


Bonnie said...

Glad you enjoyed the article, Laura. Keep doing good work!

Tina Sams said...

Thanks for posting that article, Laura. Different industry, same currency - lol. When we're running low on energy, it's got to go where it will grow.
Love your post. You always make me think - dang it.