Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hark! Hear the Belles!

A few weeks ago I did a recording for the devilish new musical that pays tribute to many famous and infamous ladies, Hell's Belles. It was such a blast being in the recording studio with our music director Elaina Cope and writer Bryan D. Leys, singing along with my cohorts, Omri Schein and Deborah Radloff. We sang a few group numbers and then did the solo numbers. Here are some of mine:

Sex Drugs Booze and Rock n Roll

These songs are also up on my website: www.lauradaniel.net/audio_new.htm

These are the complete songs, which I'm in the process of editing down to smaller previews. Godiva is fine because it's a 30 second song, but Judy and Janis' songs are all about 3 minutes. So if you have time, please groove along. :)

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Buzz Stephens said...

Speaking of Judy Garland, this weekend at The Judy Garland Experience on Yahoo there will be a listening party for what they are purporting to be Judy's "lost album."
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