Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City Sights

Last week, I had the honor of recording some songs for the upcoming CD collection, Unrecorded Victor Herbert Gems, orchestrated by Larry Moore. The recording was done in a sumptuous concert hall at the Academy of Arts and Letters, and the journey there was such a delight!

I loved the cobblestone road on the way to the Academy.

Last month, when I recorded another song there for this project, it poured rain, so I was thrilled with the sunshine and blue skies of this day.

 I could see Jersey across the way. And directly across from the Academy is this fantastic old graveyard.

I wanted to climb up there and explore, but I had to go into the building to start work on the recording.

The Academy is so incredibly gorgeous, and this sculpted doorway made me think of my friend, Tina, who's a writer, growing leaps and bounds with her Essential Herbal magazine and her new book, By The Hearth.

This is dedicated to the Women Writers of America.

The trip down to the theatre held such neat images of shadow and light.

There were all sorts of twists and turns on the way to the stage, and once we were inside the concert hall, the stage was set with a Steinway grand piano, music stands and mics. And when we sang, the music bounced off the walls.

It was me, Sara Jean Ford, Elizabeth Inghram, and Maeve Hoglund with Zachary Stains singing lead, all of us breathing in concert, voices lifted in glorious song, and then the incredible vibration of stillness when we finished. My heart was racing, blood pounding in my ears, and the energy was absolutely electric. It was such a thrill!

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