Friday, November 12, 2010

Unrecorded Victor Herbert Gems

I'm recording more songs today for the upcoming "Unrecorded Victor Herbert Gems" project. Larry Moore, whom I worked with on The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun, orchestrated the works, and I'm singing with incredible Broadway folks like Zacahry Stains, Sara Jean Ford, and a recent classmate from Alaine Alldaffer's scene study class, Elizabeth Inghram. Aaron Lazar and the gifted Rebecca Luker also star on the album.

 Such a pleasure to work with these talented people! Looking forward to today's recording at the Academy of Arts and Letters.


AMottNYC said...

You can read a whole article on this project by registering as a user at and obtaining a copy of the November Newsletter.

This is a truly miraculous project.

Alyce Mott
VHSource, LLC

Laura said...

It really is an amazing project, Alyce, and it's been a true pleasure to sing Victor Herbert's glorious music for these recordings! I can't believe this music has never been recorded before. It's so beautiful! Thank you for suggesting the Newsletter. :)

Best wishes,