Monday, November 01, 2010

Great Gratitude

I recently took a scene study class with the lovely casting director, Alaine Alldaffer, and I loved her class immediately because it included a Gratitude Circle, where we introduced ourselves and expressed our gratitude for something.

This gracious gesture is something that I've noticed seems to increase abundance in our lives. It's like opening a funnel for more goodness to flow.

Another friend of mine, Monica McCarthy, whom I met in VP Boyle's Musical Theatre Forum, recently started a Happiness Project where she takes pictures of something every day that makes her happy. By doing this, she increases her scope or vision by focusing on good stuff.

 I love that!

My friend, Tina Sams, also wrote about this in the latest issue of The Essential Herbal magazine. She works with her sister, Maryanne Schwartz, and my husband and I first met these two ladies at the PA Renaissance Faire when we were hired for the Shakespearean improv acting troupe.

I remember it clear as day, Rob asking me if I'd met The Herb Sisters, because they were so incredibly fun. I went over to their lovely herb shoppe, and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Since leaving the Faire, The Sisters have both stayed wonderfully involved in herbs, soaps, and Maryanne makes gorgeous glass jewelry via her Torchsong Studios. Very artsy ladies indeed!

Tina is celebrating the 10th year of publication for The Essential Herbal magazine, and she gives kudos to her sister, who handles the layout for the magazine.

These two women share laughter with them wherever they go, and Tina says, "For us, it's pretty much all about having fun," and she always encourages me to "keep it fun" in my acting career.

"Do it in such a way that it brings joy and wonder to your life... focus on what you really enjoy."

This makes me think of Monica's Happiness Project and Alaine's Gratitude Circle. By focusing on something every day that gives you happiness, and expressing gratitude for it, you cannot help but expand the happy factor!

Thanks to these ladies for shining their lights on the world. Thanks to my husband, my friends and family for sharing the ride with me and shining their lights as well.

Love you all!


Tina Sams said...

Love you, babe!

Pozthinker Pozthinker said...

Thank you Laura! Joy to you! Marcia

Pozthinker Pozthinker said...

Joy to you, Laura! Thank you, Marcia