Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Sounds

Last week started so beautifully. Yes, it rained. And rained. But in the midst of the rain, I was recording some beautiful music for The Victor Herbert Project at the Academy of Arts and Letters.

I'd never been to the Academy before, and it's in an older part of northern Manhattan. So there I was, dressed in a pencil skirt, blouse and heels, trekking through the pouring rain to sing a beautiful song with some lovely ladies in a gorgeous concert hall.

I had to laugh at my choice of attire as I turned onto the semi-cobblestone walkway that led to the side door of the theatre. But somehow I managed to make it through the rain without getting my stillettos stuck in the old stone walkway.

Once inside the Academy, it was dry and warm, and I was delighted to see my friend, Larry Moore, whom I worked with on The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun. Larry was the orchestrator for "Nun," and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

 I've done quite a few demo recordings since Nun, playing everything from a mouse who wants to be a flower-girl (Lilly's Big Day) to a hard-core Janis Joplin rocker and Judy Garland herself (in Hell's Belles).

Most recently, I worked with Andy Monroe on a song from The Singing Nun as well as a delightful duet from his new musical, Sally Peaches. It's about a girl who tries online dating to meet a guy, but she uses her best friend's picture instead of her own. It's a very cute piece, and I had a blast recording it with Zach Berger. The song and scene are on my website. It's called My Best Friend. Hope you dig it!

All of these recordings have been in studios, so it was a neat surprise to record the Victor Herbert song in the Academy's gorgeous concert hall. The sound was stupendous! There were 4 women, including me, and the lead soprano who's currently playing Christine in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

That was one of the first shows I saw when I came to New York, so I found it wonderfully ironic that there I was, singing with the actress who plays Christine, working with all these incredibly talented people, our voices bouncing off the walls, and getting paid to do it!

It was an absolute delight!


Anonymous said...

I listening to your songs as I write this comment. You are FABULOUS Laura. I am so excited for all your success. Keep enjoying each day like you do! Hugs....


Laura said...

Aw, CJ-Sherry, thank you :) Glad you liked the tunes!