Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two for two

Last night, as I was cabbing it past Radio City, I was thinking, What a cool week it's been already!

On Sunday, I performed in a reading of a new musical based on the book, How to Marry a Divorced Man, and it was an absolute blast! The reading was for TRU, or Theatre Resources Unlimited, and it was held at The Players Theatre in The Village.

I've auditioned for productions there before, and so it was a real treat to perform there. There's just something so artst about The Village. It just oozes art! ;)

For this show, I played Glenda, an ex-punk-rocker known as Betty Black, and her "ex" is the Divorced Man of the show's title. Glenda is a wonderful second banana type character, and I had a blast playing her. The "punk rock ballad dedicated to my ex" in the 2nd Act was particularly thrilling because it was like a mini rock concert. FUN!

 The cast was also phenomenal with (L-R) Babs Winn, me, Christine Marie Heath, Jacob Liberman, Richard Rice Alan, and Michael Kirk Lane.

Clare Cooper (far left) composed the delicious pop-rock tunes that I still can't get out of my head! Bryan D. Leys adapted the novel, and Leslie Fram, the author of the novel, made a surprise appearance at the reading. It was a great pleasure to meet her, and a true delight to work with Bryan, Clare, and the sisters of Tweiss Productions once again.

And then last night, I got to perform a scene from the one-woman show Bad Dates for the playwright, Theresa Rebeck. I've been taking a scene study class with Alaine Alldaffer at One on One Productions, and that was the cherry on the cake. I love Ms. Rebeck's plays, and it was a thrill to perform her work! I also loved supporting my fellow actors and classmates who did scenes from Ms. Rebeck's other plays. It was a really great night of theatre all around!  

Make that TWO great nights of theatre in 2 days! :)

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