Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When is an audition like a Tea Party?

My sweetheart has a fondness for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and we often toss around quotes from that world. A hard day at work can often seem like the Mad Tea Party, don't you find?

But today started beautifully for me. I woke up nice and early to go wait in line for the Equity Principal Actors' call for The Norman Conquests. Most EPAs are like that - you get up early so you can make sure you get an assigned time to audition later in the day. This time of year many auditions are jam-packed and there's a reason they're likened to a "cattle call," because everyone's jammed together and "moo-ing" about something.

This morning, however, was a breath of fresh air! I don't know if it's because the call was so specific, looking for actors to understudy the British cast that's being brought over from the successful run at The Old Vic, but there were only about 15 of us there to start, all ladies (the gents arrived later).

Usually, when I'm waiting in line, I'll put my headphones on and focus on whatever I'm currently reading. As I said, most of the auditions can be noisy and crazed, but the minute I stepped off the elevator today, these ladies were all so lovely and welcoming, even offering me a rocking chair that seemed to be waiting just for me. We all sat and talked lightly about shows, fashion, and the news (one gal had a newspaper and would make little "reports"). There was such an air of congeniality. It made me think very much of English tea parties. Truly, all we needed was the proper setting for tea and the mood would've been complete!I'm hoping the audition itself will be just as lovely. I love Alan Ayckbourn's plays, so getting to read from the script should be a treat indeed!

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