Monday, March 16, 2009

Begin Where You Are

I met a young artist recently who asked me, "How do you get started (in acting)?"

After I gave him this huge laundry list of basics like checking and Actors Access and Actors Equity for auditions, the Ross Reports for agent and casting director info, reading and researching the biz and the art (Karen Kohlhaas has a great recommended reading list - maybe I should make one too!), I was reminded of something my friend, Tina, always tells me: "Look back on your progress. See where you've come from and where you've been." It helps give encouragement to know where you're going.

And I heard this message today: "Begin where you are."

To me that represents starting with a clean slate, being in the present moment, accepting yourself as you are right now and using that as your springboard to grow where you want to be.

Begin where you are. Look around at your surroundings, at yourself, and nurture yourself where you are right now.

And enjoy the ride! :)

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