Monday, March 02, 2009


The message of patience has appeared to me twice today, and when that happens, I realize it's time to pay attention.

My first sighting of this message was on the Actors Voice POV, the March 1st entry:

"When opportunity knocks, you better know what to do... And who knows when that opportunity will come around again? So when you get an audition, make the most of it. It's not that difficult, really. Just be on time, be prepared, and do the best you can... Every audition is a free learning experience and a chance to change your life." - John Schultz, Manager

The British singer, Adele, also encourages patience while pursing an artistic career in her interview with

I find this gentle nudge helpful as I gear up for auditions and networking events with agents this week. I continue to grow with my monologue repertoire and am looking at new songs for musical auditions. I just want to really cultivate work I enjoy, and that includes working on myself, my instrument, taking classes, going to the gym, being aware, being good to myself as I nurture myself on this artistic path. It's all good.

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