Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring in the City

I love this time of year! Every time I look at the trees, it seems their buds are unfurling a little further each day. The birds are singing, flower stalks are starting to appear. Some plants are beginning to flower. It is so beautiful!

My friend, Tina, put it best: With everything beginning to "green up, the same thing is happening in a certain way to me. Everything quickens and the pace picks up. Winter is over. A new year begins."

I've been feeling that way with each audition I've been hitting. Lately, I've been so blessed to receive incredible responses after each audition. Directors, casting directors, artistic directors, everyone has been saying, "That was GREAT," and then they'll talk with me further about my audition piece or a show they saw me in. One casting director even remembered me from The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun, which I did a few years ago. And some directors are taking time to give me notes or encouragement on my audition pieces. It's really cool, because I feel like I'm getting through.

Like the little leaf-buds on the trees, I'm growing further each day and soon I'll be unfurling! :)

If you're a city-dweller like me and would like to take in some luscious sights of Spring in the woodsy countryside, check out my friend, Tina's blog: http://theessentialherbal.blogspot.com/

She's the editor and chief behind the magazine, The Essential Herbal, and if you'd like an in-depth glimpse of this delicious compilation of recipes, remedies, and delightful stories, check out the free download of last year's issue, The Victory Garden: www.essentialherbal.com/MarchApril2008forweb.pdf

Tina always rocks my world because she's a self-starter who brings people together. She's almost always all-inclusive and that's such an amazing thing for a small business owner. She always inspires me.

Here we grow! :)

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