Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Leap

"I've noticed a very interesting phenomenon over the years. The greater risks we take, the greater the rewards. And when we dare to go after our dreams things have a funny way of working out to our advantage. Of course, there are no guarantees. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. But if we don't take the leap, we'll never know." - Mark Sikes, Casting Corner

I started a class last night at One on One Productions called TV Bootcamp by Ross Meyerson and it was a great class. There are many places out there where you pay money to meet and work with a top level casting director and I always sort of chafed at that before. But I tell you, Ross' class made it all make sense, because like he said, if you didn't go to Juilliard or Yale or Carnegie Mellon, then the best way of getting seen by top level casting directors is to take a workshop with them. That way, you get to show your work and to learn "the tools of the trade."

Going from theatrical acting to acting for film and TV is a big change and yet... it's the same. It's the same in that great acting comes from truthful story-telling (in my opinion). From Meisner to Mamet... and like William H. Macy said in a recent interview on NY1 (and pardon my paraphrasing), "If I pursue the action, the words take care of themselves."

It all reminds me to get out of my own way. "Stop waiting to feel comfortable." And take the leap. :)

I feel like an onion, peeling away the layers, or like a rose opening its petals...

It feels fabulous!

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