Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shining City

A few years before 9/11, I remember driving into Manhattan with my sweetheart, Rob, and there was this perfect moment where the afternoon sun simply glinted off the city, making it look golden. The view from NJ was particularly spectacular, and I felt like that moment summed up what Manhattan was to me: the golden city where dreams come true.

I thought I had captured that moment on film, but I can't seem to find the photo, so here's one at sunrise by Joel Altschuler:
9/11 was a horrible day. I could see the smoke from midtown while firetrucks zoomed downtown, none of us ever dreaming the towers would fall. I remember that day with such horror and despair, but there was also an intense "coming together" of the people. We all did what we could to help each other through, and I must pay tribute to the brave men and women who lost so much in that disaster. May we never forget. And may healing and harmony emanate throughout.

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Tina Sams said...

I remember you showing us the towers from your rooftop years ago.
While the whole country mourns on that day, being in the city has to be so, so much more difficult. Thanks for the beautiful picture.