Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Opening Night!!!

Mel Brooks has forever taken over that sentiment for me, because I can't help but think of the song in The Producers whenever I think of the term "Opening Night!" It's a great song and totally captures the excitement and anticipation of opening a show.

We opened Johnny On A Spot last night Off Broadway at the Theatre at St. Clements, and we were blessed with such a lovely audience! Lots of laughs and wonderful warmth! I even got some "exit applause" on 2 of my big exits. Gosh, that was cool! I had had the same experience in Kaboom - where the audience gave me kudos after my first scene - and it's just such a gift! Talk about generous spirits!

After the show, we went to Cascina for the cast party. It's a beautiful Italian restaurant on 9th Avenue. What a blast! I'm still on Cloud 9! And of course the cameras came out! Here's a pic of me, our director Dan Wackerman, and my co-star Ellen Zolezzi:

And my best guy friends, Michael Kane and Carl Einbeck, came to share in the jubilation: It was such a joyous night and it was lovely to share it with the cast and crew and Peccadillo supporters.

As I marvel at my journey, I look to other artists in the field who are making also their dreams come true and I salute you all! 2 artists in particular have caught me eye because of their tenacious spirits: Jill Santoriello (composer, lyricist and book writer of the new Broadway musical, A Tale of Two Cities) and Susan Blackwell of [title of show]. Reading their stories on Broadway.com helps to fuel the fire of making my own dreams come true!

YES, WE CAN!!! :)

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