Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Inspiring Presences

As I've been zooming around lately, making my dreams come true by donig a great deal of work in the theatre, I must tip my hat to some of the wonderful people who help me make this all possible:

My fiance, Rob, has been on this life ride with me for many moons. We met at the PA Renaissance Faire when we were both cast in the Shakespearean acting troupe, and he immediately caught my attention with his wicked sense of humor. To quote Jessica Rabbit, "He makes me laugh," and that humor has been a huge asset in life as well as art. Though he left the biz years ago to go into graphic design, his understanding of the "music of comedy" has been a great help to me since that's where I've been getting most of my acting work lately, so I must give kudos to my great love who is also my comedy coach. :)

My friend, Tina (pictured with her daughter Molly), whom I also met during my time at the Ren Faire, lives in PA, and we chat everyday on IM, providing much needed "visits." My day just isn't the same if I don't see her online. She's the one who got me blogging in the first place! And she's always an inspiration to me, having created her own business, The Essential Herbal, working to make this world a better place not only by doing work she loves to do, but by going "green" before it was trendy to do so, respecting nature's bounty. Congrats, Tina, on your 7th year of success!

There are also a ton of people who have shaped me through my life: my 8th grade English teacher, Marcia Cloyd, who always believed in me and still keeps in touch with me via email. Gotta love the internet! My friend, Lisa Terrell, from high school, who is an ICU nurse and forever inspires me with her bravery in life and in the ER. My NY friends, Carl and Michael and Ataman, who are just too dear for words! My own brother, Sean, who is an incredible musican (drummer/guitarist/songwriter for SMUG and drummer for Hippie Cream). He always reminds me that art is persepective: all we can do is our best as we put our art out there. My sister-in-law, Lani, who is an incredible working mom and endless fount of love and passion. And my own parents who always made sure to cultivate my artistic energy with dance/gymnastics/voice lessons and came to just about every show I did in CA. They've also made a few guest appearances here in the Big Apple. Hoping they'll be able to catch Johnny On A Spot.

Speaking of which, almost every cast and crew I've worked with have become a 2nd family in the midst of production and rehearsals. That's the amazing thing about theatre and the arts - there's a great sense of bringing people together. It truly is a community!

Much love to all of you "inspiring presences." :)

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