Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Period Piece

I'm in week 3 of performances for Johnny on a Spot Off Broadway at the Theatre at St. Clement's and this is such a neat time because everyone has started to let loose and play. When a show is "going up," starting previews and those first few performances, there is so much everyone onstage is thinking about: lines, movement, costume changes, getting a feel for the audience. And in a physical comedy like this one, all manner of things can happen! The stage gets wet in Act 2 and that leads to some interesting foot work! I try to jump over a desk to start a catfight with the hero's secretary, and the other night I almost fell! Thank the gods for Mark Manley (the mustached fellow in the picture), who plays my uncle. He has a ton of dance training and I immediately felt his hands grab my waist, supporting me in a dancer's lift. What a man!

That's the cool thing with this cast: There are 16 of us and we utterly support each other! Every night I give Kevin Kolack a giant hug after he carries me offstage in Act 2, slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes! Kevin was a firefighter in Indiana for about 10 years and here he is in NY, making films and working onstage, making his dreams come true just like we all are! It is so wonderful to be part of this community!(left to right: Robert O'Gorman, Carter Roy, Christian Rummel, Michael Lopez, Mark Manley, and me)

There are moments backstage when I wish I had a camera. It is so incredible to be performing this period piece from 1942 in an establishment that was probably around during that time! Brick walls surround us, emphasized for Joe Spirito's gorgeous set design, and as I look at us all in our costumes, the guys in hats and 3 piece suits, the girls in the stylish frocks, I can't help but marvel at the magic of theatre and the opportunity we all have to be transported!

I've noticed so many smiling faces in the audience when we take our bows and I want to say thanks to each and everyone who has taken this ride with us and have expressed their joy. Boogie woogie on! :)

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