Friday, February 22, 2019

Recording at the Film Center

It felt like Spring last night. An early Spring in New York. In February.

As I dashed down the street to the Film Center where I was going to be recording a song for the new musical, "Pieces," I thanked my lucky stars for all the creatively lush times I'd had there. I was part of the international recording for Jerome Kern's Roberta which was done at the Film Center and in Dublin. And I booked the short film Tick Tock at the Film Center. There's a lot of good energy there for me, and I smile every time I walk by the place.

Last night I was there to record a song for these amazing musical-makers, Kristen Penner and Lorelei MacKenzie.

They've written several musicals, and I met them a few years ago when I crashed an audition for their musical, Pageant Princess and I booked the role of Miss Clarabelle, a cat lover who finds herself the judge of a toddlers and tiaras type pageant. VERY fun and I got to belt to a high E which is always a thrill.

Last night, we recorded a song for "Pieces," which is a show about secrets and coming to terms with different parts of ourselves. The score is wonderfully contemporary,  and every time I work on it, my spirit soars.

Kristen sang first, and then I added my voice. Then Sarah Ann Vail who was in from LA sang. And I'm hoping they finished with Lorelei last night. The song includes all of the characters of the show so they'll be adding the other voices at another time. I can't wait to hear how it all comes together!

Kristen, me, Lorelei and Sarah Ann (far left)

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