Friday, February 22, 2019

I Hear A Theme

When I started my web series, Laura Loves NY, I wondered how and where music would fit in.

Jody Diamond, one of my guests on the Bali episode (below with director Livi Zheng), noted that I sing a little bit in every episode. That's just me. I'll sing phrases as I talk, because I'm always hearing music and some words just come out of me in a musical way. :)

I love that other people hear music all the time too.

When I interviewed award-winning composer singer-songwriter Andy Monroe he told me he'd been creating songs since he was 3. He just sat down at the piano and started singing.

I met Andy a few years ago at the NY Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) when I played The Singing Nun for a musical he composed. I won the NYMF award and fell in love with Andy's style.

While I was working on my web series, I kept thinking it'd be cool to have a theme song as a way to introduce the show, and since I love Andy's music and knew he'd get my vibe, I asked if he'd be interested in creating a theme song Laura Loves NY. He did, and we recorded it earlier this month!

I also interviewed Andy for my show, which is all about shining the light on artists who love NY as much as I do! :) Stay tuned for the upcoming episode. It's gonna be fun!

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