Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saying Good-bye to the Great White Shark

Tomorrow is our final performance of JAWS the Musical. This show has been such a blast to do this summer, so it seems fitting that the "beach" is closing right before the first day of Autumn.

We've received some great notices, and I hope we'll keep working on the show to take it to a full-length production. Right now, it's a 40 minute pop rock funfest that is leaving people asking for more!

Our last interview this year was conducted by Molly Equality Dykeman. She posted a hysterical interview with JAWS the Musical's writer, Wayne Henry, and I believe she'll be posting a cast interview soon.

Here were some of my silly answers:

Weirdest thing that happened backstage: When the staff at the comedy club took our "dressing room" apart while we were changing right after the show. The audience got a whole new view of the cast as they left the club.

Least favorite cast member and why: The severed leg. He just lays there! ;)

Any Showmances? The whole cast is a lovefest! I adore each and every one of them! Gonna miss them like crazy!

Do you have a fear of sharks? Ironically, YES! When I was a kid, I had a terrible fear of sharks. I still do! The JAWS theme would send me running from the room! Now it makes me run onstage!

What's it like to work with a real live shark? I love it! John Flynn makes me fall in love with his Great White every time! ;)

Best audience responses? I love when people say they want to see the show again! It's also a blast to share my big number, with them: "At Night He Swims Home To Me." It's a fabulous pop ballad with some big belty fireworks at the end, and I feel so thankful to get to sing that song. It is a thrill every time! And the audience is right with me! Feels like a rock concert!

This show has been a blast, and I will truly miss playing with our fabulously fun group! Hope to see you all next summer!

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