Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Sings!

And so do I! :)

I really love this time of year. Everything is in bloom - the trees, the flowers - it's all so radiant!

This year my husband and I can hear the birds from our apartment on the 19th floor, and that's really a treat. There's nothing like birdsong to lift the spirits.

In fact, everything seems to be singing, so it makes perfect sense that I have some musical showcases coming up.

Tomorrow I'm singing in a presentation of new musicals at BMI's Theatre program. I've done a few performances there before, working with Andy Monroe and Jack Lechner on early songs for The Kid, and it's always a blast to hear new musicals in progress. I'm delighted to be singing a very fun piece tomorrow by Glenn Basset and Adam Cohen.

In May, I'm singing for composer Scott Frankel in a performance helmed by Alaine Alldaffer of Playwright's Horizons.

And on May 26 I'm performing at The People's Improv Theatre. I'm doing a sketch written by The Kids in the Hall. It's not a musical show, but it's comedy, and it's VERY fun! And who knows? Music might just happen there too! ;)

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