Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lessons in Las Vegas

My husband and I went to Vegas last week. He had business, and I had the pleasure of accompanying him there.

I haven't been to Vegas since I was a kid and my folks would take us to Circus Circus. Boy, has the place changed! It was absolute decadence!

We stayed at The Palazzo, which was connected to The Venetian, and right next door to The Wynn. I'd recommend all 3 hotels, because they are GORGEOUS! Talk about living large!

We were wined and dined, and amidst all of it, I had these really cool epiphanies:

1) Live the life you want NOW.

By behaving as if you have what you want, you draw it to you. When you get hooked into longing for something, you can fall into the trap of keeping everything at arm's length. But if you imagine having what you want right now, notice how good that feels. When you play with that feeling, you are living the life you want, and inviting that deliciousness in!

2) A tale's success depends on how you spin it. A story can either be a comedy or a tagedy, depending on how you spin it. How do you want to tell your stories?

3) Celebrate Each Victory! Each step is important as you climb the ladder of success, and you can either celebrate each step or be dismissive of your progress. Why not celebrate it? EVERY step forward, towards your goal, is a victory and can be celebrated!

4) Take time to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries. Both my guy and I were working so hard in NY that we weren't taking time to stop to smell the roses. Ironically, at The Palazzo, there were butterflies made from roses! They adorned the fountains and indoor waterfalls.

I loved strolling the canals from The Palazzo to The Venetian. There was something so calm and luxurious about it all.

And THE SPA! Oh my gosh! Now I understand why people have full spa days! My husband and I discovered the joys of the Canyon Ranch Spa, and it was sheer heaven! There were all sorts of unique "suites" called Aquavana. These rooms ranged from saunas to steam rooms, jacuzzi, lounges and a Wave Room, which I adored! It was a cool blue room with chairs that lounged back, making you feel weightless.

My husband loved the Experiential Rains (above), and we both loved the Herbal Laconium, a tiled room that was so wonderfully heated. I also lounged in the Salt Grotto, which was made of smooth reclining "rocks," had a gentle, bubbling fountain and was filled with "sea air." Luscious!

It simply replenished our bodies, minds and spirits.

Viva Las Vegas! ;)

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