Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Community of Theatre

I wrote about this a few weeks ago, inspired by seeing a production of Rocky Horror in Hemet, CA, and also inspired by the artists who strive to make art happen wherever they are.

Living in the Big Apple, I am so wonderfully surrounded by art. It's literally everywhere! And every time I walk through Times Square to get to an audition, I breathe Broadway in.

As my friend Tina always tells me, I am there! I am making my dreams come true, working as an actor. I've done Off-Off Broadway all over town, and I got to work at two of the most notable Off Broadway theatres in history: Cherry Lane and the Theatre at St. Clement's. I just have to keep on doing my work, making it happen.

Part of this New York experience includes seeing the theatre that's happening here. As I was doing my taxes for last year, I realized I started a great trend in seeing a theatrical piece about once a month. It's something I'm trying to do this year as well, and I feel fortunate to be able be supportive of my fellow artists. We need to support each other, you know?

This was really hammered home to me when a 2-time-Tony Award winning actress came to see a reading I did last Fall and was kind enough to seek me out afterwards to tell me how much she liked my work. That was mind-blowing and inspiring and absolutely thrilling!

Now I have this desire to support art everywhere - from Hemet, CA to the Great White Way.

My friend and fellow actress, Kami Martin (below as the blonde bombshell, Lily St. Regis), recently wrote a post about supporting Community Theatre, and I asked her if I could re-post it here. She gave her thumb's up, so here is part of it. Enjoy!

"As artists we should encourage each other. Because acting is a calling. Some may think that is an odd statement, but its true. Look it up, it was considered sacred. Not any different than a judge on a bench, or a priest at an altar...

Every community theatre in my area is doing relevant work. It is as diverse as it can be. But it is all deserving of recognition... My thought is, let's respect the art in this valley. Let's celebrate and support local theatre. We may be diverse, but we have the same goal. To bring the arts to the valley." - Kami Martin

Rock on, Kami! Shine that light, sister!

And to all you artists out there, wherever you are: Shine your light!


Crist said...

Hey Laura, do you ever run across Stan Meyer?

Laura said...

I haven't, Crist. Is he in the city?