Tuesday, April 06, 2010

People who've paved the way

When I was working on my audition for "Another Part of the Forest," my research of Lillian Hellman's play took me of course to her major hit, The Little Foxes. After reading the play, I started watching the film, and all I can say is.... Bette Davis.

I loved her in All About Eve and she's awesome in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Her own quotes are priceless. Like, "Old age is no place for sissies!" What a tough cookie!

When I was studying with Karen Kohlhaas, we talked about artists who inspire us, researching them and learning from their progress as they went from young actor to major artist.

I've been delighted to find all sorts of folks who fan the flame of developing my craft.

There are classics like Ms. Davis, and then there are actors of this generation like Peter Facinelli, who has been delighting me as "Coop" on Nurse Jackie.

Something I dig about Peter Facinelli (and all of the actors on "Nurse Jackie" are just sublime!) is that he pursues work that interests him and that he continues to study his craft. That's something I've really been discovering - how important it is to keep taking classes. It creates a sense of discipline and inspires growth.

So grow, baby, grow! And as we look to folks who inspire us, we pave our own way.

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