Friday, July 25, 2008

High as a Kite!

2 gigs in 2 weeks! Actually 3 gigs! I can hardly keep track! LOL

I remember when I first moved to the city and I would be thrilled to book a big gig once a year. Then it became once every few months, then once a month... Now, it's like every week! :) I dig it!

Got the offer yesterday to play Barbara Webster in the 1940s comedy Johnny On A Spot at The Theatre at St. Clements. I am thrilled! She's a wickedly wonderful character - think Scarlet O'Hara's naughty little sister. Very fun!

And I'm deep into rehearsals for Kaboom! We're running Act One tonight off book, so I've checked into Memorizing Land.

This weekend I have to work on music for the recording of the new musical, Vienna. I'm in the studio for that next week, reprising my role as Mrs. Sigmund Freud, as well as singing some other pieces for the show.

Lots to do! Zoom!

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