Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm in full swing with rehearsals for Kaboom! having a blast with the cast and crew, led by our marvelous director BT McNicholl. BT is also working on Billy Elliott during the day, and still he comes to our rehearsals full of energy and clear direction. Absolutely inspiring!

Made a fun discovery in that our awesome associate director, Penny Ayn Maas, went to school with one of my best friends, Carl Einbeck. Never ceases to amaze me how "small" this showbiz world can be. Astounding!

Penny and Kaboom's writer, Michael Small, helmed the photoshoot we had on Friday, which was a lot of fun. So here's a small taste of this crazy comedy about 7 people trying to get what they want in San Francisco via sex, drugs, and a little rock n roll.

I play Kandy Broadsky, a bike messenger, who is supposed to make a delivery to the Lithuanian "Mick Jagger of the Kazoo," played by John DiDomenico.

The comedy centers around a con man played by Ray Wills (center) who inadvertently brings everyone together in an Alan Ayckbournesque bed-hopping mistaken identity farce.

The top-notch cast is shown above: (L-R) Fred Rose, Kristen Cerelli, John DiDomenico, Ray Wills, me, and Jim Barry. Tyler Hollinger completes our troupe.

Theatremania has more info at http://www.theatermania.com/content/show.cfm/show/145934

Rock on!

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