Monday, July 14, 2008

Clarity, Cut, Color, and Character

It has been a wild couple of weeks. I feel like I'm still on Cloud 9. I was called in for 2 cool comedies, just got back from vacation, and best of all my sweetheart proposed!!!

I had just come home from seeing A Catered Affair (my friend Kristine Zbornik is performing in the show) and Rob had returned from a business trip. I was feeling so dreamy, thinking of the show and how unique it was, appreciating the heroine and her desire to keep her wedding simple... overwhelmed by the parents who carried such pain with them (kudos to Tom Wopat and Faith Prince who absolutely had me in tears) as they tried to give their only daughter something special... thinking of my parents and their weddings, friends and family who have come together for so many occasions... And there was my guy, asking if I wanted to take a walk on a hot July evening to the MET.

It's one of our favorite places with the Opera all lit up and the circular fountain, but it was my sad duty to tell him that the MET was under construction, so he said, "Well, let me unpack then." I went into our bedroom to help him and before I knew it, he bounced beside me on the bed with a box in his hand, asking, "Will you marry me?"


What an incredible feeling! And then getting to share the good news, the buoyancy of it all. Wonderful!

Then we went on vacation to a lake house in the Poconos, which ironically was only an hour away from the store he had bought the ring. He wanted me to pick out my diamond so we went diamond shopping. Can you imagine? It was just... wow!

Now since I'm a novice at this whole jewelry game (my grandmother would have remedied that if she were still alive - she always had gorgeous gems on her fingers), we had a lovely "diamond guide" named Mary Celeste who guided us through the "4 c's" of color, cut, clarity and carat. It was such an educational process but in the end I picked the one that sparkled the most, which turned out to be "grade: excellent" across the board. :)

The ring is being resized and diamond is being placed, otherwise I'd have a picture to share with you. Soon! :)

When we got back to the lake house, I received a callback for the comedy, Kaboom! Luckily we were only a few hours away from Manhattan so I could get back to the city with ease. My guy was all for it: "Go get em!" he said. So I came back to Manhattan for this callback and immersed myself in this wildly comic world.

Kaboom is a BIG comedy and it was a blast to do my scene. The director, BT McNicholl, was AWESOME and helped me fine-tune some moments, making them laser sharp. It ironically reminded me of the whole diamond-delving experience. The character was colorful to say the least (she made me think of bubblegum), the comedy zinged (cut), the director gave me great clarity, and the carat (weight)... well, that's me, baby!

Next up: getting ready for the 1940s comedy Johnny on a Spot and figuring out the when's and where's of my own simple wedding affair.


Tina Sams said...

On to the next level of the adventure you two share. I'm so happy for you both!

Laura said...

Thanks, Tina! :)

Laura said...

Good luck with your future endeavors. I also enjoyed A Catered Affair. Tom and Faith were so real in their roles.