Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm glad I had a few weeks off after Hell's Belles, because I'm back in high gear! Woo!

I just booked a yummy role in a short film called, Everyday. The director and some of the crew are from CA and we were all digging it that we've got CA roots. We're shooting in an old Victorian home at the crossroads of NY, NY, DE, and PA. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I play an overly sweet Southern real estate agent who pushes her luck too far in a Hitchcockian battle of wills. We started rehearsals this morning.

Then I zoomed to a music rehearsal with Robby Stamper, my music director from Singing Nun. He's helping me put together a cabaret piece. We had a great jam session then I had to boogie for another appointment.

I hit the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts on my way home to check out more tunes. In the meantime, I was also sent a script for a new play and am prepping on that audition. I'm also hoping to hit a Born Yesterday audition for the Cape Playhouse mid-week.


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