Friday, February 22, 2008

No Time to Lose Steam

As the Northeast gets hit with a snow storm, I'm girding up for a filmshoot this weekend, praying we make it through the snow and that I get over this flubug that's gripped everyone. Luckily my friend, Tina, at The Essential Herbal has been guiding me with all sorts of natural remedies, and of course, my friends in the biz have turned me onto old standys like Wellness pills and ginger root tea. But enough of that! I leave in a few hours for the filming of Everyday, a short thriller. I promise to take lots of pics! Should be great fun!

When I get back, I'm doing a reading of the new script for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at The Bank Street Theatre. My lovely stage manager from Hell's Belles, D.C. Rosenberg, recommended me and I'm ever so grateful! Tuesday I have an audition for a casting director who saw me in Hell's Belles and called me in to read a new script for an upcoming farce. Whipping out my British and French accents for the roles. Wednesday I got called in for the new musical The Big Show and later that day we go into the studio to lay down some tracks for the Hell's Belles CD.

Full speed ahead!

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