Friday, February 15, 2008

Brilliant Blue Coyotes

Every once in a while you come across an ensemble of actors so enchanting they bring to mind great groups like the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Blue Coyote is such a group.

I was first introduced to them via Tracey Gilbert, my co-star in The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun. We rehearsed in the spacious Access Theatre's Gallery which also has a delightful black box theatre where Blue Coyote does many of their productions.

Tracey and I were fortunate to reprise our roles as childhood sweethearts, Jeanine and Annie, in the Bound for Broadway concert of The Singing Nun this past December. Then I bounced into Hell's Belles, which Tracey came to see, and she started work on Blue Coyote's Happy Endings.

I saw Happy Endings last night and it's AMAZING! Hysterically funny to tremendously touching, it's seriously some of the best written and best performed work in downtown theatre. I brought some theatre friends with me to see the show and we all agreed: Blue Coyote is the kind of theatre group that absolutely INSPIRES!!! The production values, the direction, lighting and scenic design combined with a killer cast and delectable writing make Blue Coyote a group to keep your eyes on. Catch them while you can because this little Coyote's howl is certain to grow to an incredible roar!

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