Friday, July 12, 2013

Passionate Park Rangers

I'm a big research nut, so when I won the role of Pat the Park Ranger for Sasquatched! The Musical, I started researching right away. I was surprised to discover what passionate people park rangers are. They're champions of the environment, and I've added that element into my characterization of Pat, for sure! I really do see park rangers as super heroes. :)

 (me as Pat the Park Ranger in Sasquatched! The Musical)

One of my favorite sites about park rangers is, hosted by a lovely lady named Carol who used to be a park ranger. It's a highly competitive job, but you can see that these people love what they do! :)

(The Lodgepole Interp gang of Sequoia National Park, courtesy of

As Pat, I sing a song about being "an eco-friendly, multi-cultural, left of the center, politically correct, highly interpretive, big recycler, a bonafide tree-hugger aware of global warming danger, contemporary, fully inclusive park ranger." :) It is such a great anthem and I feel so honored to sing it!

Big thanks to Phil Darg for writing the show, and to him and Jules Darg for bringing me on board. As one audience member remarked, "It's FUN and educational too!" ;)

 Phil and Jules Darg

If you'd like to catch Sasquatched! The Musical, we have 3 more performances at the Pearl Theatre at 555 West 4nd Street:
Tickets are $25:

Hope to see you there!

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