Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Closing Night

The final show of any run tends to have some extra magic about it. People let loose or their performances hold a mysterious level of something special.

(me with Kristen Mengelkoch and Oakley Boycott)

This past weekend was the closing run of "Hell's Belles" at HA Comedy Club, and the audiences were fully with us, laughing at every joke, breaking out into spontaneous applause in the midst of songs. They were just there to have fun,and perhaps, because it was the final weekend, we all knew to seize the moment and have fun too!

Some friends who'd come opening night had to come back for a second viewing and they loved it even more.

(Jayne and Ataman - all smiles after the show)

We had some fans who did the same thing, and you could definitely feel the love.

My husband, Rob, came a third time, along with his sister, and I felt so lucky to have so much love and support out in the audience.

On the final night, we had some fun mishaps. One of my Joan Crawford eyebrows wilted off my forehead, and the audience went wild with laughter.

And they loved Judy, applauding in the midst of my song. Playing Judy Garland was such a rewarding experience! I learned so much from playing her and all of the characters actually!

It was a great ride. I was so fortunate to work with such wonderful people. I'll miss them, but I know I'll see them again soon.

Now... onto the next adventure!

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