Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Up: a staged reading of the new comedy, "Steve Cohen and The Sweet Spot"

I've been so fortunate to be working steadily as an actress this summer and now into the Fall. Every week seems to hold a new adventure, and best yet, I'm getting paid for every gig! Woo hoo!

Last week's staged reading of the new pop musical, "How To Marry a Divorced Man" went very well. We received great feedback, and there are plans to do the reading again for pop-rock festival in November.

This week, I'm in rehearsals for a staged reading of the new play by Michael Small called "Steve Cohen and The Sweet Spot." It's a really fun piece about one man's quest to find the perfect stereo speakers. I play the lead character's wife and all the other women in his life. I'm actually the only woman in the piece, and it's neat to be surrounded by such fascinating men!

Chris Harbur plays the lead character, my husband; Zak Risinger is the titular Steve Cohen, and Jeremy Ellison-Gladstone, whom I worked with in Michael Small's other play, Got You, plays everyone else! :)

(Jeremy Ellison-Gladstone and I in Got You)

Stephen Nachamie is directing us, and we're having such fun! Did I mention it's a comedy? ;)

The playwright, Michael Small, tends to write big comedies that have a message tucked into the midst of the humor, and this piece has a particular poignancy. I'm so thankful to have met Michael a few years ago when I auditioned for his play, Kaboom, which we then performed at Cherry Lane. This is our third collaboration, and it's such a delight to bring his characters to life! :)

Steve Cohen and The Sweet Spot performs Wednesday Oct. 26 at 7 PM at Theatre 80 St. Marks

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