Monday, September 05, 2011

Fearlessly Funny

This Saturday, September 10, is opening night for the musical Hell's Belles. This is the third time I've performed in an incarnation of this show, and I'm having a blast! It's wonderful to be part of a show's growth, to see and hear changes in music, musicality, and story-telling. John Znidarsic is our fearless director, and the hilariously talented Mary Feinsinger is our musical director. Both have been angels in guiding us through this musical.

I love going to work on this show each day, because I've fallen in love with my castmates, who are off-the-charts talented, fearless and funny! They have all brought something unique to the table, and its a joy to work with them.

(Me, Omri Schein, Oakley Boycott, Kristen Mengelkoch - all photos by Mark Krieger)
The show is about a nightclub in hell, run by a devilish master of ceremonies named Lester, played with great comic heart by Omri Schein.

Infamous women from history and pop culture command the stage, and I'm honored to play Janis Joplin, Judy Garland, Lady Godiva, Salome, Guenevere, Alice B. Toklas, and Joan Crawford.

Oakley Boycott plays a pop star akin to Lady Gaga, and she also takes on such legends as Marilyn Monroe, Medea, Evita and Princess Di, who's visiting from heaven. :)

Each time Oakley takes the stage, she has such high voltage energy! It is a pleasure to watch her, and a thrill to share the stage with her. We get to rock out a few times, and it such a blast! Boom, baby!

Last but not least is the uber-talented Kristen Mengelkoch, who plays Eleanor Roosevelt, Ma Barker, Eva Braun, Gertrude Stein, Lizzie Borden and Bette Davis.

I love watching Kristen's face, because her faces are so distinctive per character and she is outlandishly funny. Her voice is HUGE! It's no surprise to me that she's wowed audiences in Forbidden Broadway.

We have dress and tech rehearsals this week, and then we're LIVE at HA Comedy Club this Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM.

The show runs every weekend from September 10 - October 2nd. Click Here for Tickets. If you'd like a discount code, send me a ping. :) Hope to see you there!

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